Upcoming Events:

Modern Slavery Webinar – Legal and Regulatory Landscape (27 April)

CFA Institute and CFA Societies in APAC are organizing a webinar on modern slavery risks. The webinar will be happening on April 27 with a discussion on the current state of modern slavery risks, the impact of the Covid-pandemic and the evolving legal and regulatory landscape in several key markets. Register today!  https://cfainst.is/355r3Wa

International ESG Summit 2022 – Part 1 (28 – 29 April)

CFA Institute in partnership with BuzzOnEarth have put together an exclusive program on the most trending themes of the world today, the MSI – Material Sustainability (ESG) Issues, join us and learn more about the current ESG issues. https://cfainst.is/3v7FamV  

Alpha Summit Global (17-19 May)
Join us 17-19 May to learn how we can all play a role in using finance for good. Alpha Summit GLOBAL will dive into the issues disrupting the world and our industry today. https://cfainst.is/3IAHF6L


Integrating ESG into Core Japanese Benchmarks

Investors seeking global diversification may find it difficult to integrate ESG into their portfolios. Could specialized ESG indices help? #ARXCFAInstitute https://cfainst.is/3K9ywTB

Valuation of Loyalty Tokens

Loyalty programs, such as airmiles, are increasingly used as collateral for financial transactions. But how can they be evaluated? #ARXCFAInstitute https://cfainst.is/3x0OT0U

氣候變化危機與ESG投資機遇 : 投資者教育講座

由CFA協會,香港特許金融分析師學會及投資者及教育理財委員會聯合主辦的投資者教育講座已完滿結束。觀看此網上講座錄影,了解氣候變化將如何影響經濟發展以及投資者如何參與可持續投資。#ARXCFAInstitute https://cfainst.is/3DCi2kg

Gauging Opportunities from the Hydrogen Economy

Is the hydrogen economy poised to take off? If so, how can investors tap into this sector? #ARXCFAInstitute https://cfainst.is/37819ln

Trends in Capital Markets and Capital Formation in Asia Pacific

Watch this pre-recorded CFA Institute Alpha Summit APAC session to learn about SPACs and the trends shaping capital formation in Asia Pacific. #ARXCFAInstitute https://cfainst.is/3r2Rbce

Other Webinars:

Full List of Upcoming Scheduled Webinars and Events (updated almost daily)

Watch finance and investment webinars organized by CFA Institute and CFA Societies, covering topics relevant to investors and practitioners in APAC. See the list of upcoming events at #ARXCFAInsitute. https://cfainst.is/2UP0ywp


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